There are lots of players in a real estate transaction. Your Realtor knows the right questions to ask when issues arise. Here is a list of 13 people your Realtor could be consulting with to make sure you transaction goes smoothly.

1. Real Estate Attorney (if applicable in your state, not a big one in Arizona)
2. Appraiser (to ensure the buyers loan will accept the appraisal)
3. Home Inspector (in order to negotiate repairs)
4. Loan Officer (to confirm buyer is qualified to purchase)
5. Mold Tester (if needed)
6. Lead Paint Tester (on homes built prior to 1978)
7. Radon Tester (if needed)
8. Well/Septic Specialist (if needed)
9. Termite/Pest Control (there are only 2 types of homes in AZ, those with termite and those without)
10. Title Company (to ensure clear title)
11. Insurance Company (to ensure home is insurable)
12. County/City Permit Department (to verify any additions were done to code)

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