How far is this Day Trip from Phoenix? 2 hour drive to visit Sedona

About Sedona – Sedona is a super popular tourist destination.  Why? Well it has these mesmerizing red rock mountains, tons of art, boutiques galleries and of course a deep spiritual pull dragging you out to find an energy vortex that won’t cure your arthritis, but you’ll definitely learn about the 5th Element so don’t forget your multipass!  (Hopefully you’ve seen the ‘5th Element’ with Bruce Willis to get that reference! Does anyone actually read my blogs???)

Where to go in Sedona on your Day Trip from Phoenix:

Entrance to TLAQUEPAQUE arts & crafts village
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross – Very sacred and inspiring place. The history of this unusual place of worship is outlined on the plaque on the exterior. The chapel  should not be missed. 780 Chapel Rd, Sedona AZ. 928-282-4069. Visit for hours. FREE.
  • Tlaquepaque – We’re 99.99 percent sure it’s pronounced Ta-lahk-ee-pahk-ee. This is a shopping center named after a suburb of Guadalajara Mexico. This center is based off of a Mexican village and includes tiny chapel near the central plaza. Come and indulge in shopping boutiques, pottery, clothing, gifts and art. Dining available too. 928-282-4838. Visit for more info.
  • Sedona Arts Center – The center offers theater productions, visual arts exhibitions, and is home to concerts and festivals. 928-282-3809. Visit for hours. FREE Entry to the exhibition hall. Other fees may apply.

Scenic Opportunities

scenic vie w red rock state park
  • The Red Rock State Park – This is a 286 acre park that was planned as an environmental center. A naturalist program offers tours. Start at the visitors center to find trails and tours. 928-282-6907. Visit for more info.
  • Take a Jeep tour – Jeep tours are available for different ways to see the red rocks. Our favorite ones are the Honantki Ruins Tour by Pink Jeep Tours. ( We also like the super informative guides from Sedona Red Rock Jeep Tours. (
  • Slide Rock State Park – Slide Rock State Park, originally the Pendley Homestead, is a 43-acre historic apple farm located in Oak Creek Canyon. Todays visitors can still enjoy the fruits of Pendley’s labor. Not only in the orchard but historic cabins are available for viewing, and the creek offers the park’s namesake slide for adventures seekers and those looking for a place to cool off. 928-282-3034. Visit for entry fees and hours.
  • Schnebley Hill – One of the most well known hiking and mountain biking routes in Sedona. 23 miles round trip! So get walking! You’ll see ruins, an old carriage house, & epic scenery.  Visit TripAdvisor for more info & the best Schnebly Hill tips.
  • Vortices – Although all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex, there are special spots that have been identified where the energy is more intense and where you are more likely to actually feel the energy. These vortexes have been further categorized into “feminine” (energy entering the earth) and “masculine” (energy coming out of the earth). Cathedral Rock and the Chapel of the Holy Cross have been identified as feminine; Airport Mesa and Bell Rock as masculine. Boynton Canyon combines both. Don’t forget your Multipass!
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