Dome Homes for Sale Arizona

Dome homes for sale in Arizona – There was a great Geodesic Dome home for sale in Cave Creek Arizona. It has 5 bedrooms and sits on 2.5 acres. It has facilities for horses, 700ft of lighted trails, a 3 car garage/workshop and so much more! It is a very energy efficient home with the electric bill being $140/month.

If we have any dome homes available for sale, they will be on the map below.

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Practical features of dome homes for sale Arizona structures

Efficient use of energy and materials

A structure that is spherical uses the least amount of energy and materials. This type of structure conserves energy for heating and cooling because there is one-third less surface area in the walls and ceilings, as compared to square-shaped houses. Also, less heat is lost because the foundation of a dome house has a smaller perimeter than box-style houses.

Because of the spherical shape of the dome, air circulates naturally inside and this adds to energy efficiency.

The enduring nature of the geodesic dome

The geodesic dome is able to withstand a great deal of stress because all points of the structure share stress equally. When interconnected triangles are set in a spherical shape, the structure is inherently stable. Dome structures are not affected by the elements and hold up under the pressure of high winds and heavy rains, snowstorms, and earthquakes.

In Antarctica, geodesic domes have been used for radar towers, and they have been able to withstand winds of 200 mph for over 25 years. David South commented, “There’s a tremendous amount of safety and longevity in dome structures, and they will last for centuries and not just a couple of decades.” Dome Homes for Sale Arizona