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By Amy Gerrish

This is a new attraction in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro. They are still building out the Dolphin section (which is under a lot of criticism), but have opened up the aquarium side for business.  It’s a large building with many exhibits on display.

The sharks at the beginning (and oddly enough this attraction was in the bathroom) was one of my favorite features. However, I had to wait in line to wash my hands as people took selfies and oooh’d and aaahh’d in front of the sinks.  My other favorite part was all the beautiful coral in the great barrier reef section.

The aquarium is a wonderful addition to have  in the desert. Even though it was kind of not completely awe-inspiring of an adventure as I would have hoped, they do have some cool added attractions coming available soon. Like this under the sea walking experience called SeaTrek. Life is about experiences, and this one seems pretty cool. Get more info here:

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My kids’ reviews:

Jacob age 14: Nothing about it wow’d him.

Connor age 7: Loved the seahorses


Patrick: He’s 16 and still sleeping.  If he were awake I think he would be super stoked that he actually found Dory and doesn’t need to watch that movie now.

Other pics from the day:








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