First Time Buyers

Zero down programs
& military programs

This is full down payment assistance. With these programs your down payment is covered through a special bond or grant. There are a few different ones available. Programs require 640 or better credit score as well as full time income. Other qualifications may apply.  

We also work with the #1 VA LENDER in the metro. $0 down for our nation’s military. 


Low down programs are usually 3 to 3.5% down. These programs have varying credit score. Can go as low as 580, but prefers 640 or better. Income and other qualifications apply. 

Investment homes (Rentals/Flips/Air B&B)

Investment home programs vary by type of investment. Long term rentals vs fast flip programs have different requirements. 

2nd home buyers

low down, MOre down & lower rates

If you are purchasing another home that you plan on living in you have the most options! You can do anything from no down or low down, starting at 3%, to a large down payment of 10,15, or 20%  and reduce your payment. 

Vacation Homes

Vacation homes usually require a larger down payment. Programs fluctuate from 10% down to 20% down. 

Jumbo Programs

If you are looking for a larger home and need a home loan over $453,100 then these are the programs you need. Down payments usually start at a minimum 10% down. They can vary by lender and season.